I have always approached making music from perspective of a fan. From early days on, the musical directions have been determined by what I would personally like to listen to, instead of following trends or fads.

I have been involved in different bands since I was 12. First as a vocalist of a local cover band, then as guitarist/vocalist in a death metal band Ater and after that I embarked on my own, more individual journey in search of myself and my own musical direction. In Mid-90s I was very much into Black Sabbath-influenced doom metal but no-one did it exactly the way I envisioned. So I started my one man doom metal band Majesty, which released a demo and a couple of albums. 

After moving to Tampere in 1997 I got involved in the local gothic/ebm scene. That first led to guitarist position in industrial/ebm band Shade Factory and soon after I got offered the guitar duties in legendary gothic rock band Two Witches, which still continues to this day.

In 2002 Two Witches collectively decided to move the band to Berlin, Germany. While there, I was working for a while for the mammoth band of electronic progressive music, Tangerine Dream. That in turn led me to re-evaluate my approach to making music. As an experiment to find my own, innermost sound I started writing material while actively trying to ignore all external expectations and influences. This was the beginning of Chaos Research.

Along with the new musical directions due to Chaos Research, the next logical step was film music. I have done two full-length feature films, dozens of short films, a computer game and a bunch of commercials and other shorter works. In addition to that, during the last 25 years I have appeared on over 30 albums as either composer or musician.

In addition I am involved in teaching and promoting electric cello. In 2017 I completed Seinäjoki university of applied sciences music management program.













Marko Hautamäki

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